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            2. Welcome To Our Company

              about us

              WEIHAI GAOKE MEDICAL EQUIPMENT CO., LTD was established in September 2010,In the same period, it entered the Weihai Economic and Technological Development Zone University Student Entrepreneurship Base.It is a modern medical device production and management enterprise approved by the state, which integrates scientific research, production and sales.It mainly produces and sells minimally invasive surgery and rehabilitation medical equipment, such as ENT laser microsurgery treatment system, medical physical cooling equipment, assisted and disabled robot project, etc,At present, the company has 30 employees, including 18 undergraduate students, accounting for more than 60%.The company has authorized dozens of invention patents and utility model patents, and has become a standard-abiding enterprise of intellectual property rights;The company has been recognized as a technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise and a national high-tech enterprise;Since its establishment, the company has won awards at the municipal, provincial and national competitions;Since 2014, the company has been rated as a city A-class taxpayer annually;In 2018, "Weihai City Enterprise Technology Center" settled in the company,In the same year, it established a "Joint Laboratory" with Harbin Institute of Technology, and assessed the enterprise through the "two-in-one integration management system".

              The company will gradually step into the minimally invasive and post-operative rehabilitation medical devices, and propose the development goals of building a minimally invasive medical device industry platform.The company will firmly seize the development opportunities, carefully build the industrial platform, establish a market-oriented production and operation system with full process, all-round, orderly and efficient operation, devote itself to independent innovation, integrated innovation, introduction, digestion, absorption and re-innovation, improve product competitiveness and technological content, and strengthen the quality of products. Value-added products commensurate with the brand.Through capital operation, scientific and technological development, technological transformation, industry-university-research cooperation and other means, constantly optimize the industrial structure, constantly upgrade the product grade, and constantly achieve capital expansion, thus becoming a core competitiveness of medical equipment enterprises.

              In the future, new technologies and new industries in medical engineering are developing rapidly, and  WEIHAI GAOKE MEDICAL EQUIPMENT CO., LTD are facing greater opportunities and challenges. Adhering to the mission of "helping people improve their quality of life",WEIHAI GAOKE MEDICAL EQUIPMENT CO., LTD sets up the values of "filial piety and responsibility, reverence and gratitude, trust and trust, focus and ultimate". It keeps forging ahead, creating the ultimate and casting brilliance!



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              "Ice Dreams" -- Local thermostatic cold compress therapeutic apparatus

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              "Ice Wings" -- Intelligent Cold Therapy System

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              "Cruiser"--CO2 Intelligent Laser microscope

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              Accessories supplies(Cold compress bag)

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